Morgan Giraud

Machine Learning engineer (Freelance) - Metaflow

Developer & Co-founder (CTO) - Explee

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My name is Morgan, I’m currently doing machine learning and open-source work as a freelance. I provide my machine learning engineering skills in Python and PyTorch/TensorFlow.
I’m actively looking for a more research-focused position in the field.
In the meantime, I'm alternating between reading papers, open-source projects, freelancing and blogging.

Before that, I was a web developer and entrepreneur. I co-founded the company Explee as a CTO where I built the whole technical stack. I also spent some times teaching PHP and JavaScript.

My natural optimism, curiosity and hunger for learning make me resilient to sparse rewards when working on hard problems.
To gather intuitions, I like to be playful in my work and follow an iterative journey. When it is time to go to production, I like to follow opinionated engineering best practices.