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Morgan Giraud

ML engineer & Tech lead

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Passionate ML & Web engineer, skilled in Python and its diverse set of ML frameworks (TF, PyTorch, JAX). I Like to train deep nets and understand what they are doing under the hood.
Also skilled in JS/TS and web app engineering, I like to build web apps and tools around ML models.

Work experience

WoW Studio | Tech lead

Leading a remote team of 5 technical professionals at WoW Studio , a tech and media company that develops innovative experiences and products using blockchains technolgies (Ethereum L1/L2).

Leniax | ML engineer

Built Leniax , a JAX library to apply state-of-the-art quality-diversity algorithms to the Continuous Cellular Automata Lenia

ANITI | ML research internship

Research internship on Grounded Language Learning in simulated environments at ANITI (Artificial and Natural Intelligence Toulouse Institute)

TF-encrypted | ML engineer

Core original contributor to the Open Source library for privacy-preserving Machine Learning in TensorFlow: tf-encrypted accepted at the NeurIPS 2018 PPML workshop. Associated research paper

Freelance | ML engineer

Explored various machine learning techniques, including GANs, DRL, Unsupervised MLP, style transfer. (Check the projects section)
I also blogged a bit!

EatWith, MyLittleParis | Web Developer

Worked as a freelance PHP/JavaScript developper, optimizing technical stacks, developping applications and structuring technical processes for both clients.

ECV Digital | Teacher

Taught two semester-long classes: PHP/MySQL and Algorithm/JavaScript, introducing students to programming languages, ecosystems, and basic algorithm concepts.

Explee | Co-founder & CTO

Co-founded the startup Explee as its CTO: an online platform for creating animated videos


Cellular conquest (2023)

Web app game that hosts a strategy game based on the principles of cellular automata. The game combines elements of strategy, territory control, and the biological theory of life as outlined by John Conway's Game of Life.

Leniax (2022)

Leniax is a Lenia simulation library powered by JAX. It can efficiently simulate, render Lenia worlds and compute statistics. More here

Project 1
Grounded language learning in the game Settlers of Catan (2020)

In this work, I explore how to ground language into the game Settlers Of Catan. I'm using a JAVA simulator containings bots to generate game trajectories which I sue to learn a world model. Finally, I explore how I can use this world model to ground language. Check the annotated slides

Openai-rl (2017)

A set of RL agents from tabular to Deep Q Learning and policy gradient ones including worlds models. (Made using TF 1)

MPS (2017)

A Markov process simulator: A tool to help you understand Markov processes and their properties. Github repo here

Boobabot (2016)

This project is about developping an A.I. rap writer that can write a word/sentence/para/full song or autocomplete your writing to help you find some inspiration!

Neural style (2016)

A journey to explore neural style algorithm: From GPU to Mobile!

Hive (2016)

A simple bees larvae detector in Deep learning

Cubes (2012)

Cubes is an experiment about how we could control a game without a mouse or a keyboard. This game has been entirely built in 24 hours while the AngelHack Paris.

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I write some blog posts sometime!

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